Friday, May 15, 2009

Full Dark House

This wasn't the first book in the series that I read, but since this is the only book whose place in the series I have any idea about, I thought I'd start with it, just as the series does. Full Dark House starts the Peculiar Crimes Unit series, and introduces you to Bryant and May, the lead detectives of the unusual unit, which gets the cases that no one else in London has any idea of what to do with. They can't properly be called Police Procedurals, because Bryant and May don't follow many of the standard procedures. But no matter how fantastic the crimes seem, and how impossible it looks that it wouldn't verge into science fiction when in order to explain it all, it always makes sense in the end, which is part of what I enjoy about the series. As outlandish as it looks, it always comes together in the end, thanks to Bryant's non-linear associatons and mystical ideas, and May's logic and investigative skill. And they are so much fun to watch together, which may be why out of the three in the series that I've read so far, Full Dark House is my favorite. As part of the story, we are able to see the first case Bryant and May ever work together on. And this allows the reader to understand just why they work so well together.

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