Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Exile of Sara Stevenson

I may have picked this book up Sunday during my morning errands and finished reading it before dinner the same day. This may have impacted my impression, or it may have been because I was enjoying the book. And I did enjoy this book. The basic plot centers on Sara Stevenson who has been sent to a remote Scottish Lighthouse around 1814 because her lover, who she was planning on eloping with, has disappeared, leaving Sara pregnant and unwed. The reclusive lighthouse keeper intimidates and fascinates Sara, who along with Kate and Kate's husband who is taking over as assistant lightkeeper have moved into his little domain. Just as Sara is beginning to settle into life in the lighthouse, a package arrives for her, containing the watch she'd given her lover the last time she saw him and a letter. This starts her working to unravel the mystery of where he went, all the while she gets closer and closer to the mysterious lightkeeper. The ending was sad, but satisfying and I liked the aspects of mystery, supernatural forces and time travel that were woven together in the end.