Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Exile of Sara Stevenson

I may have picked this book up Sunday during my morning errands and finished reading it before dinner the same day. This may have impacted my impression, or it may have been because I was enjoying the book. And I did enjoy this book. The basic plot centers on Sara Stevenson who has been sent to a remote Scottish Lighthouse around 1814 because her lover, who she was planning on eloping with, has disappeared, leaving Sara pregnant and unwed. The reclusive lighthouse keeper intimidates and fascinates Sara, who along with Kate and Kate's husband who is taking over as assistant lightkeeper have moved into his little domain. Just as Sara is beginning to settle into life in the lighthouse, a package arrives for her, containing the watch she'd given her lover the last time she saw him and a letter. This starts her working to unravel the mystery of where he went, all the while she gets closer and closer to the mysterious lightkeeper. The ending was sad, but satisfying and I liked the aspects of mystery, supernatural forces and time travel that were woven together in the end.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blood Oath

I adored this book, which might be a slightly odd way to describe one's feelings about a book, but Cade was instantly interesting and compelling, Griff the perfect old hand at a very odd game, and Zack grew on me really quickly.

The basic premise is that Cade, a vampire, is sworn by a Blood Oath to defend the President of the United States, which he has been doing for every President since Andrew Jackson. He defends the United States from the things that go bump in the night. Griff is his liaison with the President and Zach is training to be Cade's replacement after an interlude in the Lincoln bedroom with the President's daughter.

Zach's character arc is part of the joy of the book. Seeing if and how they become a team is great. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. One quick note, if you don't deal well with lots of blood or similar things, you might have to skip parts.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

In for a Penny

I loved the two main characters Penny and Nev were wonderfully portrayed, getting to know each other as the reader gets to know them both. Having alternating chapters from each point of view was great fun as the reader was able to see what the character's couldn't. The supporting cast was sparkling and you come to care for them all. I can't wait to read Rose Lerner's next book!

Wild Ride

I loved this book! Watching Mab and Ethan decide to live and the entire group in Dreamland become an extended family was wonderful. Crusie and Mayer's previous books have been really good, but this one was on another plane altogether. I would recommend (and will recommend) this book to any one. And I loved the dragons... especially the marshmallow ones.

The Losers

I went to see this movie last night, after being convinced there wasn't too much blood in it, and I'm so glad I did. In several ways, it reminded me of the A-Team, with a group of highly skilled soldiers who are set up, and marked for death when they go off mission. 25 kids are killed in their place by accident, and the Losers decide to make it look like they were in the chopper when it was hit to allow them time to get back at the people who tried to kill them. It is great fun to watch them improvise and bicker and work together as a team to try to pull it all out in the end. And while doing so, they made me laugh, which is a great way to end a week.