Friday, April 6, 2012

White Cat by Holly Black

Cassel Sharpe knows that his best shot at getting by is to pretend to be normal, which is difficult since his whole family are con artists and workers. His mother is able to work emotions, his eldest brother is a physical worker for the mob, his other brother works luck, and his grandfather was a death worker for the mob, each with a touch of a hand. Cassel knows that he's the only one in his family who isn't a worker. He's always thought of this as a liability, a deficit, but now that he's going to a private school, he's beginning to see that not being a worker in a world that mistrusts their powers might not be all that bad. Cassel knows he killed his best friend Lila. But he doesn't quite remember the event or why. When Cassel wakes up on the roof of his dorm after dreaming of a white cat, with no memory of how he could have gotten there, he begins to question everything he knows.

White Cat is the first book in the Curse Worker series, and though each book comes to a satisfying conclusion, I was very glad that I had Red Glove on hand when I finished reading White Cat, and that Black Heart came out less than 48 hours after I finished reading Red Glove. Cassel's world is rich, filled with interesting characters, many of whom I'd love to see in their own books. It is a world of magic where ungloved hands are threatening and tantalizing. There are few clear cut answers even when one desperately wants to do right. A richly satisfying series that delivers from start to finish.

As the books feed right into one another, I'd suggest starting with White Cat.

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